We focus on developing a powerful POS System. With over 20 years experience, we have designed a comprehensive and robust system which is not only suitable for general retail business but also have some special features tailored for some retail categories such as Fashion, Food, Mobile Phone, etc..

What should be considered when choosing a POS System ?

Why you should choose us


 cloud data5    Cloud-based Data 

Our POS System Data not only save in customer's local harddrive or server, but also can be stored in our Cloud Server. Once the Data is stored in the Cloud, it would be well protected and can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

 system integration2  Integration

Besides POS System, we also have Wholesale System, Online Shop and F&B System. All these systems can be integrated to form a single platform for better management and analysis.

 software development vector  Proprietary

All the System Softwares are developed by our Company and we own all the copyrights. We have the ability to continuously improve and develope the systems so as to catch up the latest technology trend and customer needs. We can also modify the system for different customers to meet their specific requirements.

 cloud data5   Ease of Use 

No business can afford to invest in a system that is difficult to use. A great and usable POS System is very important in the satisfaction of your staffs and customers.It can increase the efficency of your staffs and have a good impression for your customers.The Software Interface of our POS System is clear and smart. It completely supports touch screen operation which make it very easy to use. The System not only support Pole Display, but also supports a bigger Second Display which can show the transaction detail and company advertisement to your customers.

 cloud data5   Flexible Payment 

Our POS System provide more than twenty types of payment including mix payment and is expandable. The most popular payment types include Octopus, Visa, Master, CUP, AE, EPS, Alipay, Wechat Pay, Apple Pay, Android Pay... etc. In addition, user can even define their specific payment types, eg : Payme , FPS , etc ..

 cloud data5   CMS - Customer Management System - CMS 

Our POS System provide a comprehensive CMS function (Member Fuction). This function includes Member Discount, Upgrade, Bonus Point, Purchase History, Preference Analysis, Age and Sex Group Analysis, etc.. Among these functions, Bonus Point and Purchase History are the most popular functions used by our client. All of them find that these functions increase the loyalty of their customers and hence increase sales.

 cloud data5   Inventory Management and Tracking 

Inventory Management is a very important part of a POS System. To maintenance a "healthy" inventory level is vital to most of the Retail Business. Not having enough inventory means you run the risk of losing sales, while having too much inventory is costly in more ways than one. That's why having an efficient inventory control system is so important. Unfortunately, this function is alway the most headache part of a POS system. Many companys using other POS system always complaint their inventory is not accurate. This problem is related to the quality of Hardware and Software. Hardware problem leads to Data Crash while Software bugs lead to calculation errors. Both of these problems make the inventory inaccurate. We aim at providing high quality hardware and bugs free software. To ensure the accuracy of inventory, our POS system has a built-in function for inventory tracking and recalculation. User can trace all the transactions of a product to ensure the accuracy of stock qty.

 cloud data5   Reporting and Analysis 

Our POS System report design is flexible and informative which contains a lot of filters for user to extract and analyse the data that required. For some complex report, our system would make use of multi-dimensional data analysis and present the result in a 3D Chart for ease of analysis. Besides, we use grid table to present the report which make it easy to read especially when the result contains a huge data set. All the reports can be exported to Excel, CSV and PDF file for further analysis, backup and even used for transferring data to other third party System.

 cloud data5   Employee Management 

The system also provide a Real-Time Staff Clock-in function which record the staff attendance. Also, we have function to set Product Sales Commission which is useful to staff motivation.

 cloud data5   Sales Promotion Setting 

Sales Promotion Setting is important for a POS System. It help to boost the sales during low season or help to clear the dead stock. Our system provide lots of sales promotion setting such as buy x get y free, product mix and match discount, buy over amount and get discount, etc..

  cloud data5   Connecting Online Shop 

We have a well developed Online Shop System which is connected with our POS System for Data Interchange.
If you have experience in using Online Shop before, you may find it is difficult and time consuming to maintenance the product information, stock qty, price, promotion setting, etc... in the Administrator function. In our system, user just need to press a button in the POS system and all the required products data would send to Online Shop and the Online Shop Sales Orders can also be downloaded to our POS System for processing. You may try our sample Online Shop at  www.headway.com.hk/hwcart

  cloud data5   Offline Mode 

Our POS System not only run in online mode but also run in offline mode. In case of internet or network disconnection, system can be easily switched to offline mode. The operation of the system would not be affected. Once the network back to normal, system would synchonize the data with Server again.

  cloud data5   Expandable for Business Growth 

Our POS System is scalable to support different size retail business. From a Standalone Single Shop to Multi-site Chain Stores, we can provide the best solution as your business grow. The System data is realtime updated, all the staffs in shops and office share the same realtime data which make their work more efficient and accurate.

  cloud data5   Backup, Recover and Safety 

Our POS System has a powerful backup function which backup your data everyday. You can easily recover the data in case of problem. To enhance the safety of the Backup, we provide Cloud Backup Service to further protect you valuable data.

  cloud data5   Investment Risk 

No one know which POS software is the best one for them before starting to use it. There would be a risk to select a POS System that is not performed as they expected. It not only waste money but also waste a lot of manpower and time. It can be a disaster if the schedule for starting the new retail business is tight . Besides purchasing the System, customer can join the monthly subscription scheme so as to minimize the investment and risk.

 cloud data5   Cost Justify and Budget-Friendly 

Cost is important. But it should never be the only one factor need to be considered. Quality of the Software and Hardware is actually the first thing we should pay attention. Within the budget, we should balance the quality and cost that we can afford instead of just looking for the cheapest solution. A good System improve your efficiency and make profit while a poor System may ruin your business. We provide a wide range of hardwares and different versions of high quality software that would meet your budget and requirements. Besides providing Promotional Packages, we also offer a Monthly Subscription Scheme for the system to minimize customer's investment and risk. 


Functions Introduction



We provide a comprehensive and efficient sales functions including Multiple Discount, Promotional Offers , Member Bonus, Invoice on Hold, Item Return and Exchange, Item Photo Display, Member Sales Record, Inventory Enquiry for Shops and Warehouses, Multi-Dimension Product Data Enquiry, Support all popular Payment Types even Mix Payment, Foreign Currency and Deposit. Wholly designed for Touch Screen Operation.


Completed membership features, including Data Management, Bonus Point Calculation, Address Label Printing and more. Users can check all the shopping records of the members so as to provide a more intimate service. Other functions include: Instant addition of members during Sales, Gifts Redemption, Cash Rebates, Discounts, and Member Expiry Date Reminder, etc.


System Reports come with a lot of data filters and sorting options so as to let user to retrieve and present the information they required. The reports include Sales Transaction Report, Sales Analysis Report, Inventory report, Daily Income Report, Purchase Report, Stock Transfer Report, Replenishment Report, Hourly Sales Report, Member information and Shopping Record Report, Staff Attendance Report, etc.


Our system supports a variety of POS hardware, including Barcode Scanners Barcode Printer, Receipt Printers, Cash Drawer, Customer Displays, Touch Screen Monitor, Electronic Scale, etc. If required, we can also help customers to install IP cam in the shop to monitor the operation.

Stock take, Data Backup and Security

It is very important to ensure the accuracy of Inventory. Therefore, we provide a very comprehensive Stocktake function which can also be used with a Data Collectors to enhance the efficiency. Data backup is also an indispensable feature. Our automatic data backup function keeps the last 7 days backup. User can choose to restore the required backup data. System security should never be neglected. we will advise customers to install the most suitable anti-virus software and firewall.

After Sales Service and System Upgrade

We provide a comprehensive After-Sales Service including Telephone and Whatsapp Support , Online or On-site Support in order to solve user problems in the shortest possible time. In oder to cope with customer's business development, the system can be easily upgrade to Multi-Shop versions with Frontend (for Shop) and Backend System (for Office ). The POS System can also be integrated with our Wholesale System so as to enlarge the business coverage.

software box 4s


To fulfill different users' requirements, we provide the following 7 versions.

1. Standalone Version - Suitable for a standalone Single Shop.

  • 2. LAN Version - Suitable for medium size Shop with several Cashiers.
  • 3. Backend Office Version - Suitable for small to medium size Chain Store. Used in Backend Office.
  • 4. Frontend Shop Version - Suitable for small to medium size Chain Store. Used in Frontend Shop.
  • 5. Backend Office Realtime Version - Suitable for medium to large size Chain Store. Used in Backend Office.
  • 6. Frontend Shop Realtime Version - Suitable for medium to large size Chain Store. Used in Frontend Shop
  • 7. Mobile Phone Version - For Realtime Reports Analysis, Suitable for all above versions.

Besides, we also have some special features for the following retail business.

  1. Fashion and Footwear : Based on the original system, we add more functions such as Color-Size Matrix, which is suitable for products with color,size properties. This function makes the input of Sales Inovice, Good Received Note and other documents more easy and fast.
  2. Mobile Phone/Watches/Computer : We have a special designed Serial No. Tracking Function that is suitable for those products with a unique Serial No. and is required to track their flow from Receiving, Storing, Selling to Return for Repair.
  3. Beauty & Health Care : The System provides a Voucher function which is suitable for Beauty and Health Care business. The client buys a Voucher and its value would be deducted every time when she come and enjoy the service.
  4. Expiry Date Products : The system has an Expiry Date Function which is suitable for those products that require a tight control on its expiry date such as food product. Use with the FIFO inventory control policy, users can reduce the lost of expired products.
  5. Other Products : Our POS system ,with lots of powerful functons, is suitable for all kinds of retail business. Our clients come from different categories including Fashion, Footwear, Electronis Products, Leather, Food, Toys and Model, Gift, Car Accessories, Jewellery, Household Product, Electrical, Book and Stationary, Computer, Gardening, Pet Shop, etc... We can also customize the system for some users with special requirements. It is our mission to provide a reliable, affordable and fit to use system to our clients.