To fulfill customer's requirements in wholesale business, we develop a powerful Wholesale System, which includes Quotation, Invoice, Delivery Note , Account Receivable, Account Payable, Monthly Statment, Analysis Reports,etc.. It  can also connect with our POS to form a more comprehensive and efficient System.

We provide 3 versions for different customers :

  1. Standalone - Suitable for Company with a single user.
  2. Network Version - Suitable for Company with multi-users.
  3. Online Version - Suitable for Company with Branch Offices and Warehouses in different locations.


Main Functions :

  1. Quotation - Provide detail Product information and price to customers. User can easily search and view the customer's Quotation history.
  2. Invoice  - To issue a Sales Invoice and create Account Receivable.  Invoice's content can be imported from an existing Quotation and hence save a lot of time to re-input all the information . It is fast and accurate.
  3. Delivery Note (DN) - Used in Goods Delivery. It can be created by importing an existing Invoice. No need to re-input all the items. It also supports partial delivery by issuing several DNs for one Invoice.
  4. Purchase Order (PO) - Used in placing an order to the Supplier. It can be used with Goods Received Note to handle Back Order.
  5. Goods Received Note (GRN) :  Used in Stock Receiving and create an Account Payable. It can be used with the Purchase Order to monitor the status from Goods Ordering to Receiving. 
  6. Monthly Statement -  Used in showing billings to and payments from the customer in the previous months. It is useful to let customer know all the Sales Invoice with payment status.
  7. Client Information - Our design is to integrate all the related information and documents into a multi-page form. It covers the Customer's details, Quotation, Invoice, Account Receivable and Payment, etc..  It is easy for users to cross check all the information.
  8. Report -  Hundreds of Reports for analysis and help user to manage the company efficiently.