Headway F&B system is suitable for different F&B business, including Chinese or Western Restaurant, Fast Food, Japanese Food, Bar, Food Court, Club House, etc. The outstanding features of our F&B System can meet the different requirements of customers and help to improve their efficiency.

Our system is designed for Touch Screen operation which would make the input more easy and direct. However, the system also supports keyboard input, which makes the operation more flexible. The system provides different reports for analysis.

 We provide 3 versions for different customers:

Restaurant - Suitable for Chinese and Western Restaurant
Tea House - Suitable for Cafe and Tea House
Fast Food and Takeaway - Suitable for Fast Food, Takeaway and Food Court


 Function Introduction: 

  1. Restaurant Version :  Use Table ID for recording no. of the client, entering time and orders. Functions include order input, recall and cancel, table combine or split. User can check ordered item at any time, add remarks for items such as less sugar, less milk, less oil, more rice, etc.  The system includes Cashier, Order Terminal, Bar and Kitchen Printer.
  2. Tea Houses : Use Invoice Barcode ID  instead of Table ID for order input. Other functions are similar to Restaurant Version.
  3. Fast Food, Takeaway : No ID registration required. Just input and print order to the kitchen directly.