For different types and scale retail business, It requires a different designed network system to optimize the operation. An appropriate designed network system would make the information flow more effectively, accurate and cost effective. By using the Internet for data transfer, there is no area or country boundary. You can extend your business to all over the world.

We provide 4 configurations for different customers :

  1. Standalone System - for Single Shop : A POS computer installed with required POS hardwares and software is used to handle all daily operations, which include Goods Receiveing, Sales, inventory and Sales Reports.

  2. LAN System - for a large shop with several cashiers : It contains a Database Server connected with several Cashier computers to form a Local Area Network POS System. It is suitable for Super Market, Outlet and Large Retail Shop.

  3. FTP Server System - for small to medium size chain store : Fontend System (Shop Version) is used for Shop Sales and Inventory Control while the Backend System (Office Version) is used for collecting and analyzing all the sales and inventory data from shops. The Backend system would manage all the product price, promotion, stock transfer, inventory control, CRM, etc.  All data is transferred by batch using a central FTP Server. 

  4. Data Online System - for medium to large chain store : The structure is similar to the above system. But ,instead of using FTP Server, it uses a Online Database Sever for real time data transfer. All the sales, member and inventory data are real time updated. Sales staff and management share the most updated information and hence to push up the overall efficiency to a higher level.