To help customers in wholesale business, we develop a powerful Wholesale System, which includes Quotation, Invoice, Delivery Note , Account Receivable, Account Payable, Monthly Statment, Analysis Reports,etc. It can also connect with our POS System to form a more comprehensive and efficient System.

 We provide 3 versions for different customers :

  1. Standalone - Suitable for Company with a single user.
  2. Network Version - Suitable for Company with multi-users.
  3. Online Version - Suitable for Company with Branch Offices and Warehouses in different locations.


Functions Introduction


Quotation , Invoice , Delivery Note

User can invoice the customer by directly import an issued quotation without having to input the items again. After the Invoice, user can issue the Delivery Note to the customer. Delivery Note supports Partial delivery and would be settled once all the items on the invoice are delivered. When creating the Invoice, users can check the customer's past sales records including the date, selling prices, terms, current stock qty. etc. so as to issue an Invoice or Quotation that meet the customer's requirements. The format of Quotations, Invoices and Delivery Note can be modified as required.

PO , GRN , Transfer , Item Master

From PO to GRN, user can grasp the progress of the whole ordering process and assign the items to different warehouses. The system can handle PO back order and monitor the delivery status. User can check the past ordering records including qty, price, date, supplier, etc. when creating the PO or GRN. The PO can be combined with the replenishment system to automatically calculate the goods and quantities to be ordered. The Item Master comes with detail product information, photo, transaction history, qty in different locations (Shops and Warehouses), remarks, etc.

Sales Record and Price Management

The system provide detail customer sales record for user's analysis. Powerful Price Management function for user to set different prices for different customers. When creating the invoice, system can automatically call out the customer last selling price or a preset wholesale price. That make the price setting very flexible and efficient.

Analysis Report

System Reports come with a lot of data filters and sorting options so as to let user to retrieve and present the information they required. The reports include Sales Transaction Report, Sales Analysis Report, Inventory report, Product Transaction Report, Purchase Report, Goods Receiving and Return Report, Stock Transfer Report, Replenishment Report, Customer Information and Purchasing History Report, Sales Period Comparison Report, etc.

Multi-Warehouse and Consignment Sales

The system can operate with several warehouses. When issuing Invoices or Purchase Orders, user can allocate a warehouse for the orders. Total Inventory Report can show all warehouse inventory at a glance. The System is able to handle Consignment Sales. Each Consignment Customer will have a separate inventory and consignment invoice record which are linked with the Sales Inovice system.

Monthly Statement, AR/AP Account

Account Receivable would be generated after issuing the Invoice. Monthly Statement with Aging Report can be printed out for payment settle. Detail Account Receivable Report would help user to manage the Cash Flow and Financial Status.

Stock take, Data Backup and Security

It is very important to ensure the accuracy of Inventory. Therefore, we provide a very comprehensive Stocktake function which can be used with a Data Collectors to enhance the efficiency. Data backup is also an indispensable feature. Our automatic data backup function keeps the last 7 days backup. User can choose to restore the required backup data. System security should never be neglected. we will advise customers to install the most suitable anti-virus software and firewall.